London College of Fashion: Fashion Journalism Short Course

London College of Fashion: Fashion Journalism Short Course

Onderstaande opdrachten maakte ik voor de cursus Fashion Journalism aan de London College of Fashion in de zomer van 2018.

Opdracht 1

Image result for AW 17 gucci luchford

An image like this would not be out of place in a sci-fi magazine. No one would bat an eye seeing this published alongside an article on the movie Alien or on a newyly released video game. However, this is not where to find this particular photo. You may have noticed the paisley maxi dress and pearl adorned Mary-Janes the girl’s wearing. Looking closer, you possibly saw her bejeweled hand slung across the alien’s neck. For a reason: this photo actually belongs in fashion magazines, as it is part of the Gucci AW 17 Campaign. Photographer Glen Luchford shot the vintage sciencefiction inspired snapshot for Gucci’s promotonial campaign.

The contrast between lovely and well-dressed girl and the alien is substantial. It draws your attention, pulls you in and has the power to keep you looking. This is not your run-of-the-Mill, standard fashion photograph. Another powerful contrast Luchford created is between the colours: dark green and ochre for the alien, but vivid pastels for the girl. The image holds a lot of power, just for being unlike something we have seen before. This style is not unexpected from Luchford as most of his work is inspired by his passion for film and cinema. Considering this, it is evident why Luchford chose the theme of  sciencefiction films from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Opdracht 2

How do I look?

If there is one thing I am sure about, it is that appearances are deceptive. The way we dress, act, talk and present ourselves can be so very misleading and distinctive from who we really are. 

Especially when looking at just clothing, you miss out on a lot of someones character. I, for instance, tend to wear somewhat striking items of clothing. My favourite outfits include a cow printed suit and a pair of jeans with sparkly stars on them. This creates quite the contrast with my personality, as all of my life I have been introverted and timid. My preference has been observing and listening in situations, instead of engaging very actively, for as long as I can remember. Besides this, I think my body language does give away some of my character traits. Trying not to slouch and having an open body language, is a daily task for me. So, when overlooking the rainbow mini skirts and platform boots, that is how I actually look.

Mijn medestudenten en de docent Paul Tierney (London College of Fashion alumnus en journalist voor o.a. LOVE, The Independent, Grazia, Fantastic Man, the London Evening Standard, AnOther en i-D)


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