Blogs voor Fashion Cloud

Blogs voor Fashion Cloud

In opdracht van Christine Boland Trends en Mindsets schrijf ik Engelstalige blogs voor Fashion Cloud. Deze vindt u hieronder:

Trend to watch for Winter 21/22: Costume History in a Modern Setting

For winter 21/22 an important trend is costume history in a modern setting. Ruffles, bodices, puff sleeves, brocade, empire waists and taffeta are highly present. Of course, with a modern twist: at Gucci, a classic tulle dress is combined with a bright blue cable sweater. Marc Jacobs gives a brocade dress a makeover with silver glitter, while Rodarte sends a futuristic metallic evening dress with puff sleeves down the runway.

Trend for Winter 2021/2022: Recontextualized Checks – or how checks are making a comeback.

When we spot a trend at Burberry, Maison Margiela, Chloé and Victoria Beckham and more, we dare to say with certainty it is making a comeback. The trend in question? Checks, but in a new context. In other words: Recontextualized checks. 

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